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Taxes amounts are levied differently by each country and are the responsibility of the buyer.  All taxes must be paid in full prior to shipment.  If you have a VAT or Sales tax number, please email it to us or provide it in the comments box on checkout.

This list below represents a partial accounting of tax rates by country as of 2015.  This list is supplied as reference only.

Austria: 20%
Belgium: 21%
Bulgaria: 20%
Canada: 5%
Denmark: 25%
Finland: 24%
France: 19.6%
Germany: 19%
Hungary: 27%
Iceland: 25.5%
Ireland: 25%
Israel: 18%
Italy: 22%
Lithuania: 21%
Luxembourg: 15%
Netherlands: 21%
Poland: 23%
Russia: 18%
Spain: 21%
Ukraine: 20%
UK: 20%
USA: Varies
Norway: 25%
Sweden: 25%
Switzerland: 8%

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