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Welcome to the home of authentic Danish furniture designs by Erik Buck (sometimes spelled Buch), manufactured in DENMARK.

Erik Buck (1923-1982) had over 30 commercially successful production designs over his career but none so famous as his Model 61 Bar stool designed in 1961 and formerly manufactured by Oddense Maskinsnedkeri A/S. His Model 49 dining chairs designed in 1949 saw equally impressive popularity and could be found in homes around the world. These now iconic coveted original early examples have become heirloom collectibles.

Today, we've woken up many of the old cabinet makers and they are happy to be producing Erik Buck's iconic Model 61 bar stool once again.  Each piece is made under license to ensure authenticity and highest quality production here in Denmark.

Shop online or at our select fine design showrooms around the world. Thank you for selecting an Erik Buck original.

Kontakt: info@erikbuck.com

Erik Buck Contemporary Bar Stool Design


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