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Presenting Danish Soap Finish


The tradition of the Danish soap finish reaches back decades and was the desired finish of numerous important designers of classic modern Danish furniture.

The soap finish allows the grain to show through while reducing yellow wood tones.  The neutrality of the finish elevates furniture while working in a myriad of environments without compromising the overall aesthetic.  For this reason, the soap finish has also become a favorite of designers around the world.

The process of soap finish is somewhat time and detail intensive.  Danish soap flakes are composed in a paste of water solution to push the soap, which includes lanolin and alkaline, into the grain of the wood.   The lanolin prevents the wood from drying out while the alkalinity of soap creates a mild bleaching process.

This environmentally friendly finish results in an open grain with smooth hand and an iconic Danish look.

It should be noted, however, the soap finish does require some maintenance depending on use.  We do not recommend this finish for commercial projects or environments where heavy staining is possible. 

While the finish itself is safe for children, stains from food spills or handprints may show over time.  These stains can be rectified but with more maintenance.

Download our Soap Finish care sheet here.



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